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Communicate with your Pre-natal Baby & Nurture them in the Womb in Just 5 Days

Join 14,000+ Couples who nurtured their Prenatal Babies become ready for life, Even before they are Born by Spending Just 20 minutes/day

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Managing Director of Dhyan Baby Prenatal Education


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By Dr. Kalyani | Founder - Dhyan Baby Prenatal Education

5 Day Masterclass

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Who is this Program for?

This Program is the Right-Fit for You If:

You are a couple in any of the 3 trimesters looking for a healthy pregnancy

You are unclear about what to expect or how to prepare yourself for the pregnancy

You are a first time parent or it’s your 2nd, 3rd of even 4th baby

If you belong to one of the above categories, then you’re invited to join the 5 Day Womb First Parenting Workshop. Just look at the kind of results my community have been getting:

"Normal Delivery with a Baby Boy"

"Felt My Baby's Happiness"

"Therapy improved my bonding"

"We Could Feel Each Move of the Baby"

"Helped Me lead my Motherhood"

"Touched the Soul of Baby"

"I think all the theraphy helped"

"Recovery from fear of 1st delivery"

14000+ Healthy Babies

99% Success Rate if Followed Perfectly

Proven to be Safe & Secure for Couples in all the 3 Trimesters

Proven to Promote Natural Delivery

Proven to Reduce Necessity of C-section

What will you learn in 5 Days with Ms. Dharshana?


What is Womb-First Parenting and why Parenting should start from the day you confirm your pregnancy?


How to clear the negative patterns of thinking and actions with my 1-Page Womb First Parenting Template?


How to use the palms of your hand to parent your child in the womb?


How to create a sensory-rich, brain nourishing environment for your baby by bonding with them deeply?


Womb First Parenting Challenege

How 14000 + Couples Were Able to Deliver Smart & Healthy Babies with Least Hospital Complications by Bonding with their Prenatal Babies Effectively


"Each time I take the therapy, I get closer with my unborn baby girl. In fact I could connect with her right from my 4th month and it was so surprising to see my girl responding to Dr. Kalyani’s voice. I would proudly say Dr Kalyani was the one who gave me inner confidence and moral support throughout my pregnancy and during labor"

Dr. Sneha

A little Bit About Dr. N Kalyani

Dr Kalyani is the founder of “Dhyan Baby Prenatal Education Program” (copyright program) and KKG Empowering Kids, established in 2000.

A child psychologist and pregnancy psychotherapist, has been helping couples to have a conscious conception, happy pregnancy and successful motherhood for more than 21 years. 

She is also a Hypno Birthing Practitioner, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor, Infant and Young Child Feeding (BPNI), and Baby Massage Practitioner (KEOLA). She has till now conducted over 30000 offline workshops and online seminars for over 12000 expectant couples.

Dr Kalyani was a part of various national and international forums including the Global Prenatal Initiative and Global Mental Health organization. 

She is the co-author of globally acclaimed book Successful Motherhood: Dhyan Baby (A Language for Fetus), published by Partridge Penguin Publishers, USA

Dr Kalyani is also a winner of several national and international awards and has been featured in national media quite a number of times.

She strongly believes that everything she does has originated from her research on vedas, scripture, ancient wisdoms, modern science and her own experience of giving birth successfully and joyfully.

Meet Your Instructor, Ms. Dharshana

Managing Director of Dhyan Baby Prenatal Education

Certified HypnoBirthing Birth Educator

Masters in Psychotherapy & Counselling

Lactation Counsellor

Prenatal Fitness Trainer

Director of KKG Empowering Pre School

Maternity, Newborn & Family Photographer

Learn How to Stop Worrying About Your Pregnancy & Baby Birth Even in the Toughest of Times and Start Gaining Maximum Inner Strength Naturally

Listen, Your Womb is the First School Your Baby is Enrolled in

If you could regain your calm, create maximum confidence & belief in yourself & in your partner,

If you could create a brain nourishing environment for the better growth of your baby in all the 3 trimesters,

If you could handle pregnancy & delivery without getting panic and avoid 90% of medical complications, With a simple parenting method, that you can start at the beginning of your pregnancy, right from when the baby is in your womb, would you say no to it?

This patented & proven method is followed by 14000 + couples for over the past 21 years, and it’s based on evidence based science, mom and baby psychology and spiritual science. 

And It’s All Yours Now!

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